Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Please do not worry if there are no posts
for the next few days.
I am not ill, but will be otherwise engaged.


Smooth Jock said...

1. alluringly handsome guy this is above!

2. make the most of whatever it is you'll be engaged in!

GayWankers said...

I love it !!!

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Ray's Cowboy said...

Well I do understand I am going ot be out of here Friday, Sat and Sunday.

Hope youhave a wonderful time Keeping your grounds trimmed. Your Lordship.


TornJeans said...

Engaged? To be married ?

Justin said...

Have fun Pat, look forward to your next post..and if you are engaged, good luck with that, I'll let Julia know. Apparently she's not into marriage, having kids, hairstyles or running the country. But she has an obsession with carbon dioxide for some bizaare reason. Note, please choose to ignore my rant

Stan said...

Happy Easter! Lord Patrick!