Friday, July 20, 2012


I started a new blog today:  PURSUIT of BEAUTY -

I will cease posting on this blog in a few weeks, as I feel that I have done about as much as I can here.

The new blog will be very different:  I won't post every day;  there will be a variety of images; occasionally an erect cock, but not every post; it is gay friendly!  So do visit it sometime!


Anonymous said...

I am devastated. I have had a look at the other blog you have started and I wish wou every success and happiness with it. But what about the daily fix here for me and so many others like me ? You would be sorely missed. You combine great taste, with fantastic quality and unmistakable humour. "Visions" is unique and does not deserve to die !

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

shame ... you should keep both running! Anyhow, let me know when it's time to add your new link to my blogroll, please!

karl said...

I will look forward to your new blog; I must admit I just browse and dont comment here all that often but its always fun!

AOM said...

Howdy Lord Patrick! Wherever you go, I will follow! I've gone through the same type of changes myself as a blogger over the years. It is always fun to start anew. A fresh new adventure. Thanks for all the inspiration you bring. Hugs, AOM