Saturday, September 15, 2012

I firmly believe in the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech that we enjoy in Australia.  However, yesterday (Saturday), we saw the ugly side of Islam, when Moslems marched through the city protesting about a video which they claim vilifies Mahomed.  Some, including children, carried banners calling for the beheading of non-Moslems.  This is uncalled for and is very offensive to those of us who are not Moslems.

Police tried to control the crowd
but were out-numbered

Several police were badly injured and had to be taken to hospital.  So far only one of the rioters has been arrested.
No permission had been sought or given for this protest which turned violent and seemed to have no one in control of it.


Westernstock said...

Uncontrolled mob violence is potentially very dangerous. Leaders of the muslim community should get there followers under control. Sexy rioters in first pic and sexy cops in last!

whkattk said...

Sorry to hear this spread to your country. Religious extremists of any belief system are dangerous. To show passion is one thing, to become so caught up that one loses control is another. Violence goes against everything all religions of the world preach. Violent protesters are violating their own basic tenets and one wonders why their religious leaders don't do something to educate them.

Stan said...

I'll never understand organized religion or fanatics like this.