Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PRIEST MARTYR of September 11

Father Mychal Judge, Franciscan Friar, Chaplain to New York Firefighters, was killed by falling debris of the World Trade Centre, as he ministered to the dying.  By many he is considered a martyr, though the Catholic Church has made no movement to declare him such.  After his death friends revealed that he considered himself to be gay and was a longtime member of DIGNITY, but is believed to have kept his vows.  He disagreed with hardline Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

The first ICON was painted by Brother Robert Lentz and the second ICON by Father William Hart McNichols.  Both artists have been censured by the Catholic Church for painting these ICONS.


Westernstock said...

Very interesting post. Will be even more interesting to see where this debate goes. A priest killed by the Mafia is about to be beatified as a martyr. Mychal Judge, similarly, gave his life in the course of duty as a priest. But for his beliefs on homosexuality the Church could be looking into his cause. Unless something changes in the Church's view on homosexuality it won't go there.

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

highly interesting! had no idea - though the stance of the Catholic Church is hardly a surprise. They're soooo behind the times!

Stan said...

I remember seeing photos of his body being carried to church by NYFD. R.I.P.