Tuesday, September 18, 2012

 Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes.
I saw the urologist yesterday about my problem. I will be going into hospital on 4th October for several days for procedures to relieve this problem.  He not exactly sure of what is causing the problem, possibly two different things, but has promised "whatever it is we will fix it"!

I have decided to go away for a week before I go into hospital to a Retreat House in the country for a rest and for some spiritual renewal.  I shall be leaving on Monday.  So there will be no posts after Sunday for a while.


Rich said...

You'll be getting your treatment on the feast of St Francis so that should be a good day for you. Be assured that you'll be in our thoughts and prayers! You'll be missed!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Ptrick, please take care of yourself first. I would love to have you around for man many more years. Yes you have a wonderful blog, but yo uare more important than the blog itself.


lorenzolo63 said...


Smooth Jock said...

Dear LP, sorry to hear you'll be gone for a while, but under the circumstances this is fully understandable. Take it easy! Luckily, though, whatever you're suffering from doesn't appear to be anything too serious so I expect you to be back in no time. I sure look forward to your next post - whenever it'll be!

whkattk said...

My liege lord: Please have a safe, restful, restorative trip. Then have a safe surgery and quick recovery! All thoughts and prayers will be with you!

TornJeans said...

Oh wow! Thank you for sharing and letting us know! I wish you all the best! Take care of yourself first as a few good men above said and I agree! Just take it easy and enjoy your break before the hospital. Big hugs! Rick

Stan said...

Best wishes! My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.

from New Jersey USA,